The Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope has everything that a beginner needs to enhance their viewing experience. This is part of the wide range of products that Bushnell has to offer, being one of the industry leaders in high performance sports optics for over 60 years. With different kinds of binoculars, scopes, laser rangefinders, GPS, trail cameras, and outdoor tech equipment like flashlights, night vision goggles, digital camera binoculars, velocity speed guns, and telescopes, Bushnell definitely has a product tailor fit for any sportsman and hobbyist. The company claims the guiding principle of providing the highest quality, most reliable and affordable sports optics products in the global market.

The Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope is one of Bushnell?s best, specially made for beginners who want to experience the wonders of terrestrial viewing. It uses the technology of Sky Tour talking handsets, with a voice that walks you through the constellations and planets, and even gives you tidbits about mythology and other amazing facts. Its illuminated Smart Mount lights up as you zero in on the celestial object being discussed, making it easier for you to focus on the object in question. It uses illuminated buttons, which makes it perfect for nighttime use. This amazing technology was developed to keep its users engaged, while learning about what they are viewing at the same time.

Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope

To make it easier to position, it uses the LED electronic red dot finderscope. It also includes large 1.25? diameter eyepieces.


Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope Features and Specifications

  • Electronic Sky Tour handset gives you real-time audio tour for night viewing
  • Included in the audio tour are information about constellations and planets, as well as random amazing facts and tidbits on mythology
  • Uses the illuminated Smart Mount that guides you to objects that are highlighted by the handset
  • LED electronic red dot finderscope for faster and easier positioning
  • Includes 3 large 1.25? diameter eyepieces
  • Sturdy preassembled construction


Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope Customer Reviews and Ratings

With all the technology that comes with this model, the Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope is convenient to be used for beginners who want to experience viewing the night sky with clarity. This can be a little bit too advanced for children though, and it would take some time for kids to figure out how to use it and utilize its functions because of this. This is probably perfect for older beginners, or those who have had experience with other beginner telescopes but just aren?t ready for more serious ones yet.

With that point said, you could always depend on the trusty manual to give you come direction and show you what you should be doing, and how everything works. As it turns out though, this is one major weakness that users of the Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope have found. The manual has so many pieces of information missing from it, that it does not even give you instructions on how to align the spotting scope. Considering that Bushnell considers this as a beginner telescope, the instructions could have been a little bit clearer and more complete because most of its users would have minimal to no experience with similar pieces of equipment.

Once you get past the manual and figure out how to work the basics, you would probably be excited to experience the Sky Tour feature. However, just as the instructions on the manual were incomplete and unclear, so are the instructions given by the talking handset. This could have been a great feature though, and is one of the main things that make the model attractive and appealing to buyers.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Bushnell should find a way to improve on the tools that are used to give instructions and directions to the user, because it is such a shame having to turn people away from the product over such a simple issue. With these improvements, the Bushnell Voyager 700x76mm Reflector Telescope would probably be one of the better telescopes in the market, once you figure out how to get it going. It would probably be a great buy for someone who already knows the basics, but those who have had zero experience could probably do better with a different unit.

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