The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope?s design is perfect for an aspiring astronomer, giving first time telescope users a mix of quality, value, features, and power. This has always been Celestron?s goal, making them one of the world?s most innovative, leading telescope brands. The company manufactured their first telescope in 1960, and has since then used their experience and knowledge in the field to continue innovating and finding better ways to make astronomy more enjoyable to people of all ages.

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is one of Celestron?s finest, and promises to be very easy to set up, not even requiring the use of tools to do so. It has sturdy equatorial mounts that are perfect for object tracking, and it also has collapsible alt-azimuth mounts that are perfect for both terrestrial and astronomical use. It includes a full range of eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens that increases your viewing power to a hundred times greater than your unaided eye, giving you unbelievable details for each celestial body you see. It was designed and manufactured using fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings to enhance image brightness and clarity, giving you the chance to see the night sky in ways that you have never seen before. It uses Erect Image Optics that makes it ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical use.

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

Each package also comes with a copy of ?The Sky? level 1 software to help you navigate the sky better, and to find out a few other interesting things about the moon, the planets, and other celestial bodies that you are aiming to find.


Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Features and Specifications

  • Quick and easy set up with no tools required
  • Slow motion controls for smooth tracking
  • Erect image optics for both terrestrial and astronomical use
  • Fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity
  • Includes full range of eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens that triples the magnifying power of each eyepiece
  • Includes an accessory tray for more convenient storage
  • Includes ?The Sky? Level 1 planetarium software with 10,000 object database and enhanced images
  • Optical design: Newtonian reflector
  • Aperture: 127mm (5in)
  • Focal length: 1000mm (39.37in)
  • Focal ratio: 7.87
  • Eyepiece 1: 20mm (0.79in); Magnification 1: 50x
  • Eyepiece 2: 4mm (0.16in); Magnification 2: 250x
  • Barlow lens: 3x
  • Finderscope: 5×24
  • Mount: German equatorial
  • Tripod: Aluminum
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Limiting stellar magnitude: 13
  • Resolution (Rayleigh): 1.1 arcsec
  • Resolution (Dawes): 0.91 arcsec
  • Photographic resolution: 254 line/mm
  • Light gathering power: 329x
  • Angular field of view: 0.8 degrees
  • Linear field of view (at 1000 yards): 43 ft (13.11m)
  • Optical coatings: Aluminum
  • Secondary mirror obstruction: 1.6in (40.64mm)
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by area: 10.2%
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter: 32%
  • Optical tube length: 20in (508mm)
  • 2-year telescope warranty


Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is dubbed as a starter telescope, but its users find it to be a little more than that. Compared to commercial grade telescopes, it can give you clearer views of different celestial bodies. It is very reasonably priced, and is very easy to set up.

One thing that would need a lot of improvement is the tripod that comes with the package. It is too light for the telescope, and is quite unstable. A lot of adjustments are needed before making the tripod fully usable, which can be very inconvenient especially if you are excited to try out the telescope the first time. This is quite sad because for a very good telescope, it has been rated badly several times not because of the telescope itself, but because of the tripod that goes with it.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Once you find a way to make the tripod sturdier and more stable however, this is actually a very nice beginner telescope. It shows you celestial bodies with great clarity, and even comes at a very affordable price. This is not recommended for professionals though, or if you want to start seeing celestial bodies the way they are depicted in books and planetary material.

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