The Meade ETX90EC Telescope is prided as a serious telescope in the casual consumer price range by its manufacturer. At a very affordable price, it gives you extraordinary optics that you would usually find in more expensive telescopes, and combines a high resolution optical design and diffraction limited imaging with microprocessor controlled, precise celestial object tracking.

This wonder was created by Meade, one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the telescope market. Starting with small refracting telescopes in 1972, the company has since learned new tricks and has developed quite a few of their own as well, producing telescopes that use more advanced technology than the last one. The Meade ETX90EC Telescope is one of their main attractions, being one of the best in their beginner line of products.

The Meade ETX90EC Telescope has a forkmount with dual axis drive system, and includes high torque DC motors on both telescope axes. This permits electronic operation using a hand held controller, another feature that makes it so convenient to use. The electronic controller features four dual axis drive speeds, depending on what you wish to view and how you wish to view it. For image centering at high power, you can use 8x, while image centering at lower power or push button tracking in altazimuth mode would require the use of 32x. You can use moderate settings at 0.75 degrees per second for image centering in the view finder or for terrestrial tracking, or go on fast mode at 5 degrees per second to quickly scan the sky.

It also gives you cordless operation, which makes it more portable and easier to bring and use anywhere. You can use the telescope?s dual axis drive system for more than 40 hours using eight AA batteries, giving you more time for viewing and saving you the trouble of having to change them all the time. With its weight of approximately 8 lbs and it length of 15 inches, it is very compact and easy to bring and stash anywhere.

Meade ETX90EC Telescope

It uses the 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, which offers excellent planetary and double star observing, and is suitable for both astronomical and terrestrial observing as well. With superb contrast, image brightness and resolution, this telescope has been said to be capable of outperforming bigger and more expensive telescopes most of the time. It also uses EMC super multicoatings on all optical surfaces to maximize light transmission through the corrector lens and reflectance from the primary and secondary mirrors, giving you a brighter view. The flip mirror system allows 90-degree observation of land and sky objects. You can also use the optional #932 45-degree erecting prism for straight through observation, or the optional #64T adapter and your own 35mm camera for photo ready imaging.


Meade ETX90EC Telescope Product Features and Specifications

  • Dual axis motor drive system
  • Pushbutton electronic hand controller
  • Cordless operation
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain optical system
  • Flip mirror system from a straight or 90-degree observing position
  • Optional Autostar compatible
  • Super multi-coated optical lens (26mm lens)
  • 1250mm focal length
  • Setting circles and locks on both axes
  • Electronic control panel


Meade ETX90EC Telescope Customer Reviews and Ratings?

Users of the Meade ETX90EC Telescope find its performance pleasantly surprising, with clear optics that would give you so much details of the moon, the stars and other planets despite its compact size and affordable price. This is a more commercial product instead of a professional one though, so don?t expect to be overwhelmed in case you have had experience with other telescopes with larger aperture. It is very easy to set up, taking around 20 minutes tops. Although it does not give you views that you would normally see in astronomy books, this definitely gives you clear enough optics that you can marvel about in the meantime.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

So if you are a beginner in using telescopes but would not want to settle for regular commercial grade telescopes, this is the perfect choice for you. The Meade ETX90EC Telescope combines a compact design and affordable price with very clear and bright optics, a combination that not all beginner telescopes will be able to offer you.

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