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Meade ETX90EC Telescope Review

Meade ETX90EC Telescope

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The Meade ETX90EC Telescope is prided as a serious telescope in the casual consumer price range by its manufacturer. At a very affordable price, it gives you extraordinary optics that you would usually find in more expensive telescopes, and combines a high resolution optical design and diffraction limited imaging with microprocessor controlled, precise celestial object tracking. This wonder was created by Meade, one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the telescope market. Starting with small refracting telescopes in 1972, the company has since learned new tricks and has developed quite a few of their own as well, producing telescopes that use more advanced technology than the last one. The Meade ETX90EC Telescope is one of their main attractions, being one of the best in their beginner line of …Continue to Read Full Review

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