The Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope is part of Tasco?s Spacestation series that was developed with the serious astronomer in mind. Tasco has been the preferred optics company in the US for more than 50 years now, manufacturing high performance quality optics at prices that anybody can afford. Tasco keeps your satisfaction as top priority and each product goes through the most stringent quality control check before leaving the factories. With different sports optics products in their list like riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, trail cameras and telescopes, there is definitely a product just for you. And for budding astronomers, the Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope is probably the one you have been looking for.

The Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope is powerful enough to give you precise and detailed views of the moon and other celestial bodies that you though you would only see in pictures. With the manufacturer, Tasco, tagging this product to be ?your ticket to an out of this world experience?, it uses a variable LED electronic red dot finderscope that could help you find anything you want to see in the sky quickly. It utilizes a 500 mm focal length, giving you image magnification that would provide you with a clearer view of the sky and most of the celestial bodies in it. With the 114 mm objective mirror, it gives you brighter viewing to fully appreciate the details that you wouldn?t see with your naked eye. To complete the package, included are Tasco?s Sky Watch CD, 3x Barlow lens, moon map, and moon filter.

Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope


Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope Features and Specifications

  • LED electronic red dot finderscope
  • 500mm focal length
  • 114mm objective mirror
  • Mount: Single fork arm Altazimuth
  • Focal ratio: F/4.4
  • Tripod: Adjustable aluminum
  • Accessories: Tasco Firstlight CD-ROM, 3x Barlow lens, Moon map, Moon filter
  • Specifications: 114×500 mm Reflector ST
  • Eyepieces: 25mm (20x) / 10mm (50x) / 4mm (125x)
  • Weight: 22.5lbs / 10.2kg


Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope Customer Reviews and Ratings

Although Tasco has been dubbing this telescope as a telescope for serious astronomers, users of the Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope have found this to be untrue. From the moment you open the box and reach for the manual, you will find that this is going to be harder than you thought. The manual is not solely for this specific model, but works for two other models as well. This is where the problem starts. Each of the three models have their differences of course, and the manual does not point these differences out at all. So don?t be surprised of you see steps that involve a specific part, and end up finding out that the part is not a part of the model that you have.

The tripod may look sturdy, with some metal parts that may get you thinking that this part is okay. However, you will also find that some parts that should be metal are actually made of plastic. This will definitely affect the tripod?s durability. The assembly is poor, with the optics having slight alignment problems.

As far as viewing celestial bodies is concerned, it can definitely give you a pretty good view of the moon. However, this is as far as viewing celestial bodies goes. Viewing anything else beyond the moon will be a disappointing experience, as it will only show you random shapes of the other planets. Looking at nebulas and other galaxies can also be very disappointing, and all you will be able to make out will be very fuzzy blurs in the sky. You can try adjusting the scope, but yet another problem arises. The mount can get a little sticky, and there is a big chance that you will overshoot other objects if you try adjusting the scope. The eyepieces that come with the package are of low quality, so getting this scope would also mean that you would have to replace them.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

In conclusion, the Tasco Spacestation 114x500mm Reflector ST Telescope is definitely not recommended, professional or beginner. Beginners may experience too much hassle with it, get turned off and stop the hobby altogether, which will be such a shame. Professionals and experienced users may just get frustrated with the product, and will end up returning it later on. Definitely not worth your time, or your money.

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